Posture Therapy


Posture Therapy or Body Balancing as Jenni Rorrison calls it, is a technique that was developed by Dr Ron Holder, a South African Chiropractor and Applied Kinesiologist who was known to work with top sportspeople including South Africa’s former world champion high jumpers Jacques Freitag and Hestrie Cloete, distance runners such as Zola Budd and Elana Meyer and Francios Pienaar, one of South Africa’s most successful Springbok rugby captains.

Jenni Rorrison, a South African runner who was on scholarship for cross-country when she suffered a back (sacroiliac joint) injury. Six months of physiotherapy and other types of rehabilitation and no running did little to relieve the pain and aggravation in her back. She had to give up her scholarship. Back home, she got to see Dr Ron Holder who identified the problem. He cut up some old telephone pages and prepared a wedge for her to wear inside her shoe. Three months later, she was running pain-free and able to compete again.  Jenni decided immediately that she would train with Holder and help others with this simple balancing technique.

Wedge support

When I suffered intense, excruciating and chronic back pain and found myself unable to sit or walk and despite the best efforts of various therapists I found little relief until I was referred to Jenni. My entire pelvic area and lower back area was destabilised and with the help of wedges in my shoe over time, my sacroiliac joint also began to stabilise. I continue to wear a wedge in my shoe although the height is much reduced compared to the first one that I had.

A muscle-test can be used to assess if an individual tends to lean more to the left or to the right. It is this asymmetry of the body that eventually causes undue pressure on the muscles often on the side that the body is leaning on, for example the left knee, hip, shoulder and then the elbow on one side would be in pain. By inserting a wedge in the left shoe, this would realign the body, and release the pressure on the muscles, and in turn relieve any pain and discomfort. Dr Holder believed that when the body is balanced (not leaning more to one side or the other) it is able to heal itself.


Jenni now lives in the Garden Route near Eden Campus and visits Cape Town at intervals only. For more information about the TSiBA Eden Campus and how you can contribute, you can visit this website:

Posture therapy for everyone

Posture therapy is not for sportspeople only. Everyone can benefit, no matter what your age. While we are young, our bodies are more able to adapt but as we get older we may find that we could do with a little more support.