If you are in transformation, then you have probably found this page or you were guided to me. I work with people who are in transformation, not with people who are comfortable in their discomfort and wanting to keep things as they are no matter what the cost.

So if you have found me, then chances are your life is changing and you are not sure why and (or) not sure how to manage this change. I help people to understand what is happening to them or to understand the dynamics in their life and share practical tools that help to manage the transition.

I support the best in you.  Change helps us to become more of who we were meant to be. When we understand it, then the resistance melts away.

Let me know if I can support your journey of transformation and change. I’m here to help you.




Where are you today?




1  Are you feeling comfortable in your body?
2  Are you happy with your posture?
3  Are you feeling supported?
4  Have you experienced any trauma or injury?
5  Are you eating and digesting well?
6  Do you suffer with allergies?
7  Are you sensitive to certain products?
8  Are you feeling depressed?
9  Are you in a panic?
10  Do you feel stuck?

These are just some of the things that I can assist you with.

I see clients in Cape Town (Diep River and Pinelands) and in Johannesburg (Sandton, Rivonia).

Next available in Johannesburg: Tuesday, 5 June to Monday, 11 June 2012.

Touch For Health training (8-day basic kinesiology course) available.  Starting in Johannesburg in July 2012.

Coaching services are also available over the telephone or via skype.

Distant healing is by arrangement.

Click here for my contact details.