Spring is a time of renewal and joy.  Well for two years at the start of spring and for the following 5 months it meant severe sinus and coughing for me.  Talking ended up in bouts of coughing so that I couldn’t express myself.  I had to sleep in an upright position, getting very little rest and had constant headaches.  This resulted in numerous visits to doctors: ENT specialists, homeopaths, acupuncture treatments and thousands of rands of medicines, with little or no improvement.

Finally on a visit to Cape Town, I met Meryl and with great skepticism agreed to go for a session.  Within 2 sessions my symptoms literally disappeared overnight and have not returned in almost a year.  I feel wonderful and I am extremely grateful to her.  I can really recommend kinesiology as an alternative or complementary treatment.

Liesel Lategan, Master NLP Practitioner

“I’ve suffered from tree nut allergies for years since childhood.  It affected my respiratory system but since having a kinesiology balance with Meryl, I no longer have any allergic reaction to tree nuts.”

Natalie Green, Educator


“I have endured a wheat allergy for a number of decades and recently suspected that its origins dated to my early childhood which was confirmed in my kinesiology treatment with Meryl.  I have had numerous digestive disorders which were continually exacerbated by ingesting wheat products causing me to feel sluggish, headachey, moody and generally experience great discomfort in my digestion.  This created a great limitation in the variety of food I could manage to eat which did not help my appetite either!

The allergy balance which I received from Meryl has enabled me to thankfully embrace new eating possibilities. I have enjoyed many wheat products which I would never have been able to assimilate before with no ill effects.  I am grateful that I can include wheat in my life again.”

Rachelle Napier, Dr. Hauschka Natural and Organic Skincare Therapist


“Thank you for the two excellent sessions.  Without doubt, your energy and work played a significant role in my healing process.  I did not realise the impact that trauma has on our bodies.  You were intuitive and picked up my status quickly.  You were thorough and caring in your approach.  It was a more difficult time than I had imagined it to be.  Your work and your energy provided a safe passage through to the Safe Side again.

My training volume has picked up again and I am almost at the same volume and intensity as before [the attack].  It’s easy for us athletes to become attached to the past.  You were able to help me let go of any possible attachments.

You have a unique Presence and a Light that is calm and reassuring, allowing people to trust you.  I look forward to your next visit to Johannesburg.

Glenn Macnamara,

Fitness Nutrition and Peak Performance Expert


“Through Meryl, I had a clearer understanding of myself as a person.  I learnt so much about myself and how I feel, that I’d previously not been able to clarify on my own.  One session alone allowed me to understand where and who I want to be in life and suddenly every thing made total sense.”

Dee Terblanche, Animal Inspector

“Thank you Meryl, I will always be grateful to you for alleviating me of that feeling [of heaviness and self-criticism] and for opening an opportunity for me to truly accept myself.”

Warda Isaacs, Project Manager

Enhanced quality of living

“My first meeting and session with Meryl came completly by luck and chance: a wonderful “right place, right time” situation.

My sessions have had a profound impact on many aspects of my life.  My busy work schedule is balanced by family time, relaxing and road running.  Through my sessions, I have found a renewed sense of security and comfort within my marriage and family life.  I am able to relax and enjoy an enhanced quality of living and my passion and determination with my running is yielding amazing results.

I am grateful that my life journey has afforded me the opportunity to meet Meryl and experience the incredible work she does.”

Linda Dennis, Clinical Psychologist


What others have been saying…

  • Meryl gave me insight and clarity, which led me to a path of greater self-awareness.
  • Meryl has a very non-intrusive and gentle way.  She holds a beautiful space for people to open and be willing to reveal themselves.
  • Meryl has a beautiful way of communicating that makes you feel safe and open to appreciate yourself as a person.
  • In a space of trust and safety, I can work with Meryl as she intuitively and sensitively opens up windows for me to release what I unnecessarily hold and carry in my tissues so that the self-restoring capacities of my body can be activated.